About Me – The Aspiring Blogger

About Me – The Aspiring Blogger

I am a 31 year old Modern Homemaker/blogger/aspiring e-entrepreneur. 

I have initiated a series of Learn Think Create projects due to intellectual boredom as a Modern HomemakerThere was a time when I was not doing much and going mad from intellectual deprivation. So I started a series of projects to force myself to Learn new things, Think about the new things I have learnt and Create even more new things from my newfound knowledge.

The Modern Homemakers @ NaNoWriMo 2011 Blog is the second such project. 

As a result of my projects, I have become rather ambitious. I would now like to establish a career in blogging and e-entrepreneurship on top of being a Modern Homemaker.

My Learn Think Create Projects are all listed at Learn Think Create

Please do check out my Learn Think Create projects.

My Simple Truth


I am 31. I love to tell people my age. I am not shy about it although I detest looking older. Being older means being more experienced. Being older means having more stories to tell. Being older means having less hang-ups. Not like those youthful days of angst:

“Half The World Away”, Oasis, Live By Noel Gallagher, Barrowlands 2001

I am female. You probably already know. But gender doesn’t matter on our blog “The Modern Homemakers”.


I divide my time between Beijing and my home (Singapore). Each is Home to me. I love Beijing for its history, culture, optimism, space and vibrancy. I love Singapore because I grew up here and my family/friends are here. I would like to call Tokyo Home too, it’s a place which I love for its history, culture, quirkiness, fashion and food.

Japan On My Fridge

Modern Homemaker

I am a new homemaker. I suck at homemaking. I have strengths but homemaking is not one of them. It is my weakness. But I hope I would improve one day. I think I can get better at it if I continue to learn from my mistakes.

I used to draft documents for a living. I suppose you could call me an ex-corporate lawyer. I haven’t been called that for six months already.

I don’t work for a living now. But I hope to eventually. That’s because I think it is important to be financially independent as a Modern Homemaker. It helps my self-esteem. I am proud that way.

Most people call me a “full-time housewife” or “lady of leisure”. That’s because they don’t understand what it’s like to be a Modern Homemaker. The reality is that a good majority of Modern Homemakers does not just do Modern Homemaking. They do other things as well. A lot of Modern Homemakers work. Others study. Some freelance. Others volunteer. Some are husbands/wives/lovers. Others are sons/daughters/brothers/sisters. Some are sons-in-law/daughters-in-law. Others are…The roles are all different and call for different skills and qualities. Which is why I get sad about generic names and classifications. I used to be a name-caller too but now I think I see the big picture.

My Other Roles

Other than being a Modern Homemaker, I call myself an aspiring blogger and aspiring e-entrepreneur. Aspiring blogger because I have only just started and barely scratched the surface of blogging. I hope to be good at it one day. Aspiring e-entrepreneur because I am sold on the idea of making money from the cyber world but I have not made any money. As you can see, I really am trying to create a career for myself on top of being a Modern Homemaker.

My Human Traits

I am serious when it comes to work and my projects including my blogging. I put in the hours and hard work because I take pride in what I do and I don’t like to let people down. I am proud and ambitious that way.

I get rather grumpy and unusually quiet when I am working. I like to focus.

Let Me Focus!

When I am not working, I am more relaxed and fun. But a lot of people have commented that I am most fun when I am inebriated. I suppose Capricorns have their restrains.


I love many things:

Art and artists because I am jealous of their talents.

Artists I Admire

Art & craft.

Handstitched Cushion Cover. (I only managed to stitch one. It was just too tedious.)

Art galleries, which don’t make me feel unwelcome or stupid (I just don’t get some contemporary installations).

Artisanal stuff.

Baking because I like the aroma. I don’t eat much of what I bake by the way as I am slightly lactose intolerant.

Sour Milk Blueberry Muffins Recipe I Have Yet To Try

Blogging/writing/talking to you.

Books for their information and paper smell.




Cafes with good coffee and sincere people.

Coffee for its aroma and caffeine.

Caffeine Is Good.

Design and Innovation.

Education and learning because it makes me feel empowered. This is also compulsory for my new career as a blogger and e-entrepreneur.

Online Education. I love the idea that one could empower himself/herself with knowledge in a convenient and comfortable online environment. Notwithstanding its simplicity, online education could potentially change a person’s life for the better.

Flea Markets.

“Ghost World” my favourit-est movie in the world.

Ghost World Comics By Daniel Clowes. (Adapted into movie. Blond played by young (already very pretty) Scarlett Johansson and other girl played by a young funky looking Thora Birch.)

Haruki Murakami and those beautiful pictures he paints in my head.


Herbal Affair

Ideas and brainstorming.


Looking at other people’s bookshelves.

Magazines especially “Monocle”.

Obsessive Monocle Collection

Old secondhand bookstores.


People watch.

“Reality Bites”, another one of my favourit-est movies in the world.

Restaurants with good food but where I can dress like a slob.

Squid Ink Linguine

Squid Ink Stains On My Grubby White T-shirt

Me Squid Ink Stained Lip Imprint On Red Serviette


Soundtracks even those of movies I haven’t watched.

Swimming although I can only do breaststroke.

Technology and gadgets.

Things I don’t understand:

“Devil Got My Woman” , Skip James


Star Wars, Phuket

Petrol Station, Phuket

Wine only if it is red and when I feel like it (which is rare these days).

Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Picked Up These Yeah Yeah Yeahs Confetti At Their Concert In Tokyo, 2010

Zzzzz when I need it.

Little Adventure

I suppose you could call our “Learn, Think, Create” projects our little adventures. Our “Eat Pray Love” moment. Previously I had no time to notice the little things or the Technicolours. Or the air molecules. Or the gems.


The Rain

Smiling Modern Homemakers

Flower Flower


My Blue Reflection

Brightlight Bunny

Curious Cola


Wedding Gift

Star of Haruki Murakami


For Tiny People

For Tiny People II

Tiny People

Tiny People II

But now:

“All I wanna do is rock

If this was any other day

I’d turn and walk the other way

But today

I’ll stay

Not walk

Just rock




All I wanna do is rock

If this was any other day

I’d turn and walk the other way

But today

I’ll stay


 – All I Want To Do Is Rock, Travis


“All I Want To Do Is Rock”, Travis and Noel Gallagher

That’s my simple truth. Now, it’s your turn to share yours 🙂

Yours truly,



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